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Transformation in the lighting industry have led to the convergence of distinct technologies, industries and devices. Born from these changes are new products and design ideas as well as increased connectivity. The Lightech show aims to facilitate industry convergence and help lighting businesses discover networking opportunities both within and outside of traditional industry areas. Not only have technological advancements enhanced lighting functionality and efficiency, but they have also.
Improved living comfort. Having moved beyond the scope of basic illumination, lighting now plays an integral role in human well-being. The Exhibition will put into perspective how lighting and its many applications influence our daily lives, the show makes business opportunities, the latest technologies and design concepts available to the lighting community whether it be at the highways, illuminating an industry or newly constructed house to many.


Urban and Architectural Lighting

Energy costs, budget restrictions and awareness of the need for energy efficiency are rising. LEDs, smart controls and central management systems offer.


Residential lighting

Recognizing that lighting can serve as a functional art piece in the home, designers, homeowners and home improvement experts are paying attention to.


Retail lighting

In the retail space, lighting is trending towards low-level ambient options with higher contrast levels. Popular applications include.


Technology and production sectors

Comprehensive coverage of production, tchnology and lighting sectors to facilitate industry collaboration in sectors such as.

  • LED components (Packaged LEDs)
  • LED modules and light engines
  • Power supplies, drivers and electronics Components (Optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical)


Shell Scheme Booth

  • Shell scheme Includes space plus basic exhibition booth comprising of White Walls, Ceiling Grid, Carpet, (Fascia) Name Board in English, 03 Spotlights, 01 Electrical Socket 220V, Furniture includes 01 Information Counter (Table), 02 Chairs .
  • Additional Furniture available on rent.

Bare Space Booth

  • Marked space will be provided only with a common point of Electrical Distribution.
  • Only approved contractors will be allowed by the organizer for stall fabrication.
  • Only power supply would be provided at common points of the stall.

Sponsorship Options

  • Platinum Sponsor
  • Gold Sponsor
  • Silver Sponsor
  • Bronze Sponsor
  • Lighting Gala Sponsor
  • A` la Carte & customize packages available

Participation Method

  • Please visit www.lightechexpo.com and fill the ‘Enquiry Form’ and submit on-line to receive participation packages.
  • After finalizing your selected package, send us the ‘Participation Application Form’ with Company Stamp and Authorized Signature by email exhibitor@lightechexpo.com.
  • Payment should be receive within three weeks of the issuance of invoice, to avoid cancellation.
  • Application Deadline: 15th June 2017.